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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be ordered in a variety of increments between $25.00 and $500.00. All gift certificates are electronic and can only be delivered via e-mail. Gift certificates are not taxed and there are no shipping charges for sending them. You may have them personalized. The gift certificate will be sent via email to the buyer. The buyer may then choose to send the gift certificate via email, mail, or present it in person to the recipient.

Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases and redemptions of gift certificates purchased or used in any manner on our Web site:

1. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed on the site purchased.
2. Gift Certificates, and unused portions of gift certificates, are valid for one year from the date of purchase for future purchases using the same Gift Certificate authorization code.
3. Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for cash, are not transferable to orders already placed, and cannot be redeemed for other Gift Certificates.
4. If the value of the Gift Certificate exceeds the total cost of the purchase, we will hold the remaining value in your account for a period of up to one (1) year from the Gift Certificate's original issue date.
5. Sales tax will not be charged on the purchase of a Gift Certificates. Sales tax, if applicable, will be charged on items purchased using a Gift Certificate.
6. Discounts cannot be applied towards the purchase of a gift certificate.

Buying a Gift Certificate
You can purchase a gift certificate on our site just as you can any other item. After selecting the appropriate one, place it in the shopping cart and proceed through the order process.

How to Personalize a Gift Certificate
When ordering a gift certificate, place it in the shopping cart as you would any other item. After entering your contact information and the appropriate address, you will be asked to select whether or not the item is a gift. If "yes" is selected, you may then enter the recipient's name, a message, and the sender's name or names. This information will be listed on the gift certificate. Gift certificates are emailed directly to you to ensure fast delivery; the certificate will not be mailed directly to the recipient. Once you receive it, you may then forward the email on to the recipient or you may choose to print it out and deliver it personally.

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