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Foosball Strategy

To take control of the foosball table you have to have a strategy. The best foosball players always have of plan of action. Use the information below to enhance your foosball strategy.

Defense Is Key
Believe it or not one of the best defensive strategies in foosball is simply not to spin the rods. There are two reasons that this foosball strategy is important:

  • In order to effectively block your opponent's shots in foosball you need your players or rods in the upright position.
  • Another good reason not to spin your rods in foosball is because you essentially lose control of the foosball, which means it could become a sloppy shot or even backfire into your own goal.

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Be Aggressive on Offense
In foosball you need to be aggressive on offense. Not only do you need to hit the foosball hard, but also accurately. While offensive strategies differ by player one thing good foosball players have in common is taking their time to ensure a good shot. One way to ensure you get a good, accurate shot in foosball is to gain complete control of the foosball prior to shooting. If possible, stop the foosball before making your shot.

Passing also plays a big role when it comes to offense in foosball. Perhaps the best foosball strategy for passing is to take your time and be patient. Whether it's a 5-bar to 3-bar pass or goalie to 5-bar, the more time you maintain possession of the foosball, the less opportunities your opponent has to score.

Practice Makes Perfect
The old adage "practice makes perfect," certainly applies to foosball. If you are serious about taking your foosball game to the next level then you need to spend time at the foosball table. Most likely you will see a tremendous improvement in your foosball game if you take the time to practice your strategies.

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