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Foosball Tables Buying Guide

A foosball table holds the potential for years of good, wholesome, competitive fun. But if you're not familiar with the wide spectrum of tables available, shopping for the right foosball table can be a little overwhelming at first. This foosball tables buying guide should simplify the process of selecting the right foosball table for you, so you can get straight to the fun part.

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Player Profiles
A good first step is to consider your players. Players will require different foosball tables to accommodate their style of play. Don't forget that players will develop their skills over time, so it is possible for them to "outgrow" an introductory level foosball table.

If you just want a foosball table for the kids to use as a toy, choose from among the many affordable foosball tables available. These foosball tables will provide decent rods, a playable surface, and the novelty of a real foosball table right at home, which will keep your kids entertained. The drawback to these foosball tables is that the lower quality playing surfaces tend to cause some erratic rolling and settling in dead spots. If it's just for fun, these aspects are not likely to detract from the beginning player's enjoyment.

If your aim is to have a foosball table that will provide a means to develop the essential skills to become an effective foosball player, a higher quality table is in order. These middle of the road foosball tables will provide a consistent playing surface. Combined with high quality foosballs, a consistent playing surface will allow players to stop, pin, and maneuver the ball with the foosball men. This "feel" is what makes foosball a truly competitive skills-based game.

If you know your players want to learn to play foosball the way it was intended to be played, this is the way to go. Intermediate foosball tables are appropriate for beginner players as well, especially if they intend to develop their skills.

Premium skills based foosball tables are not just for foosball enthusiasts and professionals. High end foosball tables are terrific options for players at all skill levels, because they provide a platform to cultivate their skills. However, the bigger selling point is durability. These foosball tables are built with cabinets of the highest quality and will stand up to heavy use. If you plan to have frequent, high energy games, these foosball tables are ready to accommodate.

These foosball tables have thicker side walls and thicker playing surfaces. Thicker walls result in true angle deflection of the foosball for accurate passing. Thicker playing surfaces enhance the feel between the foosball men and the foosball, enabling the highest level of ball control and accurate passing and shooting.

Other Options
There are still more foosball tables to meet specialized demands. For the youngest players, there are adjustable foosball tables, which will allow them to better see the action and control their team. If you want to mix up the action, multi-game foosball tables convert into other game tables for added fun. For enthusiasts, coin-operated tables are available to get the real arcade versions right at home.

With a little forethought, finding the right foosball table shouldn't be so difficult after all. The important thing is to consider beyond the present and anticipate where your skill level will be in the future. Choose a foosball table that will provide hours of fun today and the ability to meet your needs down the road.

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