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How to Build a Foosball Table

Because of the vast array of style and construction options available in readymade foosball tables, finding one to suit your needs is usually a snap. For those who demand perfection with a personal touch, however, building a foosball table themselves is the only way to go.

A foosball table kit will tell you how to build a foosball table and your own tastes will be the ultimate determining factor when deciding what style best fits you.

The first step of building a foosball table is choosing the individual components - and in the case of the cabinet, the materials you're going to use to construct them.

The following is a list of basic foosball table parts and some options to tailor them to your budget and playing style when building a foosball table.

  • Cabinet. The cabinet is the largest and possibly the most expensive part of your project. The wood you choose when building a foosball table is completely up to you, but keep in mind that building a foosball table with cheap wood will leave it feeling flimsy and it won't have as long a life of one made with higher quality wood.
  • Table Legs. A sturdy cabinet needs a firm base to sit on. Building a foosball table with adjustable legs that can be raised and lowered to accommodate players of different ages is ideal for families with young children who want to get many years of use from their table.
  • Rods. Made of steel, rods can be either hollow or solid and come in two sizes, 5/8 in. and 1/2 in. diameter. 5/8 in. rods are far more common will allow you to select from a wider variety of men and bearings.
  • Building a foosball table with hollow rods is the more affordable option and hollow rods allow more speed and mobility when playing but they are not as durable as solid rods and will bend over time.
  • Foosball Men. These little figures are used to strike the ball and direct it into the goal and are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal. Foos men come in many different design styles and price ranges.
  • Bearings. Bearings allow the rod to slide easily through the table. As is common with most other foosball table parts, plastic bearings are more affordable, while ones made of metal will last longer.
  • Silicone lubricant applied to the bearings will add speed and maneuverability while extending the life of the bearings, which is important to anyone building a foosball table.
  • Handles. Wood handles match traditional wood tables while rubber handles look best with contemporary plastic cabinets. Add handle wraps for extra grip during intense matches.

While building a foosball table, you can customize it and enhance gameplay with novelty foosballs, ball returns, goal liners, ball entry cups, and drink holders. Choose an electronic or abacus-style scoring unit to match to the theme of your table and add an overhead light rack to give your table an authentic arcade feel.

Building a foosball table, though time consuming, can be a fulfilling home construction project. Your handcrafted foosball table will provide your family with many years of competitive fun.

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