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Foosball Rules

One of the advantages of foosball is that you don't have to know every single rule in order to play. You can have a lot of fun by just knowing the basics of foosball.

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Getting Started
The objective of foosball is simple. Using the thirteen players on your end of the foosball table you attempt to score points by hitting the foosball into your opponent's goal and preventing your opponent from getting the foosball into your goal.

The first foosball player to score a pre-determined number wins the match. A complete foosball game is typically made up of three, five, or seven matches.

Important Foosball Rules
The United States Table Soccer Association has a complete set of official foosball rules that you will need to become familiar with if you play competitively. However, if foosball is just a recreational sport then basically all you need to know is below.

  • A flip of the coin determines which foosball player will serve first.
  • The foosball remains in play until it is declared dead, a time out is called, a point is scored or it is hit off the foosball table.
  • In foosball a point is still rewarded even if the foosball goes into and bounces out of the goal.
  • No spinning is an important rule in foosball. This basically means that shooting and passing in foosball are to be done by quickly flicking the wrist to turn the rod not just haphazardly spinning it.
  • Foosball players may not manipulate the placement or direction of the ball by rocking the foosball table.

Foosball Flexibility
The great thing about foosball is there is some flexibility if you are just playing with friends. For example, you and your buddies can determine together what the time of possession should be and what types of shots will be considered illegal prior to the foosball game starting. is a Hayneedle Inc. store. Copyright 2005 - 2010 , Hayneedle Inc., all rights reserved.